This procedure removes the overburden that covers the solid rock formation. This prepares the surface for the drilling to begin.
With the pad prepared holes are drill on an engineered pattern that will allow for proper breakage to occur. This pattern is pertinent to ensure the correct sizing of the material for the crushing process. Each hole is then filled with explosive material; this is referred to as loading the shot. It is now time to detonate the shot.
A large hydraulic hammer is used to break oversized boulders in preparation for the crushing process. A front-end loader now digs into the face of the blast rock and loads it on off-road haul trucks to be transported to the crushing facility.
Impact crushers are feed this conglomerated material sizing from four feet in diameter to fine particles. The crusher then sizes the material down to five inch minus. The product is conveyed to a screen that separates the material by size and distributes it to the proper finishing conveyor. Any pieces of rock that are too large for the finished products are conveyed back to the crusher to be reprocessed.
The cone (finished product under the belt) is then moved to a designated place in the staging area to be stockpiled for shipping.

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